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Ben Murphy


Ben has been a personal trainer since 2012, a journey that started at a commercial gym, where he ran his own business for three years, before opening up his own gym, which offered small-group personal training and lifestyle support.

Two years later, he opened a wellness allied health practice with his wife. Whilst running the practice from behind the scenes, he also continued to coach and support clients in a small group and one-on-one setting. During this time, he became a certified breath and holistic lifestyle coach, developing an astute interest in the process of enhancing the way people feel through food, sleep, movement and restoration.

He also garnered a passion for the exploration of the intersection between wellness and an individual’s potential and, to date, continues to further his knowledge in this area.

Over the years, Ben’s focus shifted from the vanity of training.

Ben found a more holistic approach to wellness and he loved inspiring people and seeing their full potential come into force. Aware of the self-doubt that so many experience, Ben is passionate about watching his clients explore their potential through movement, which ultimately led to their realisation regarding what was important in their life.

Inspired by his son, Ari, Ben wants to show, rather than tell, and aspires to be both an energetic and motivating inspiration to his family and clients. For Ben, Vikasati is the culmination of his wellness journey and he is beyond excited to welcome you in.


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