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Vikasati, Brisbane: Your ‘Third Place’

We want to create a shared, inspiring and welcoming environment at Vikasati. Our communal bathhouse areas, small group personal training classes, open gym, cafe and community events all offer a unique opportunity for life-enriching human connection. We are a tribe of healthy, thriving individuals, all connected by shared values and a commitment to being the best version of ourselves.

We believe that collaboration and communication with the people you surround yourself with is key to becoming a thriving, passionate and more mindful person and we want Vikasati to be your “third place,” outside of home and work, where you spend time, nurture your physical and restorative needs, develop real relationships and truly belong.

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Building connections with people, who have similar interests, can lead to lifelong friendships and camaraderie, which is something we want to foster at Vikasati. Not only does a sense of community help you set out and accomplish your physical goals, but it also helps you take radical responsibility in who you want to be and how you want to show up in every aspect of your life. Vikasati is a community where everyone is on your side, cheering you on and supporting the achievement of your personal goals. It is an inspiring group of positive, high achievers, who together, are creating a powerful environment and energy for growth and success.

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Your Journey at Vikasati

Vikasati is the place where your personal growth is inspired by those around you. It’s where your journey to being a better person, for your friends, family and yourself, begins. We are truly invested in your experience and results and want to provide a supportive and powerful space that ultimately reflects you. We don’t want you to settle for less, as we know a sense of community makes all the difference in the world. Here at Vikasati, we want you to find your people.


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