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relax & recharge in our state of the art finnish rock sauna

Set in the heart of the Vikasati bathhouse, our Finnish Rock Sauna offers a direct path to detoxification and mental clarity.

Operating at temperatures between 70 to 90 degrees, our spacious sauna, offers ample room for relaxation and contemplation.

Engage in a ritual that initiates deep sweating, enhances detoxification, improves circulation and alleviates muscle/joint discomfort.

The dry heat from our carefully arranged sauna penetrates deeply, ensuring a thorough and invigorating session.

Escape the hustle and bustle and enjoy a genuine Finnish sauna experience at Vikasati.

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woman doing yoga inside Vikasati sauna


Man & woman in Vikasati sauna

mental benefits of saUNAS

Man & woman in Vikasati sauna

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Rock sauna FAQ

Our traditional Finnish sauna has 3 levels with temperatures ranging from 75 degrees on the bottom level, to 105 degrees at the top level. This ensures you can tailor your experience depending on your goals for your session and experience with heat.

Saunas are a highly effective tool for facilitating the natural detoxification process of sweating, as the heat in the air triggers the body to sweat as it works to keep the body’s temperature down.

Sauna promotes circulation of oxygen rich blood throughout the body, into the muscles and joints, and reduces inflammation and pain by supporting the body’s natural healing processes. This is enhanced especially when paired with the cold.

Regular sauna promotes healthy skin by removing harmful toxins from the body and improving circulation. 

Sauna sessions can enhance mental clarity, reduce stress and tension, foster a sense of calm and relaxation, improve sleep quality and build mental resilience. The heat also encourages the release of endorphins, providing a natural mood boost.

Length in the sauna will vary depending on your goals for your session, the temperature (our sauna has 3 levels ranging from 75-105 degrees), and your experience with heat. A good place to start is 1-3 rounds of 10-15 minutes, and increasing from there. Sauna is a physical stressor on the body and it’s important to always listen to your body, ensure you are always thoroughly hydrated, and exit the sauna if feeling unwell.

There are huge benefits to regular saunas, and we have many members who sauna daily! Like any physical stressor though, it’s important to progressively build up your time and frequency over time, and always listen to how your body is feeling and responding.

This depends on how you’d like to feel at the end of your session. If it’s the morning or you need to perform at your best mentally or physically, we recommend a cold stimulus after your sauna to leave energised and refreshed.

If it’s the evening or you want to remain in a more relaxed state, we recommend either finishing in the sauna and having a shower, or alternatively relaxing in our warm magnesium pool.

Heat is a physical stressor and it’s important to consult your healthcare professional before using a sauna if you have any health conditions. Sauna is also not recommended for pregnant women due to the heat.


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