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Meet Ben and Will, Brisbane's Leading Ice Bath and Thermal Therapy Experts

Ben and Will, Co-Founders of Vikasati Bathhouse and Brisbane’s leading fitness trainers and ice bath experts. Their journey from mainstream personal trainers to pioneers in breathwork and physiology has positioned them as Australia’s foremost authorities on ice baths and thermal contrast therapies.

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Practicing Thermal Wellness for Over a Decade

With over 20 years of collective experience in the fitness industry, Ben and Will joined forces eight years ago to elevate their clients’ well-being. In their pursuit of advanced fitness, health and performance, they discovered the transformative power of ice baths, saunas, and contrast thermal therapies as potent tools for recovery and vitality.

From the start, Ben and Will envisioned Vikasati as more than just a wellness center, but as the vibrant hub of a community connected by holistic well-being and peak performance. Their ice bath journey began modestly 8 years ago, when they sought to integrate ice baths into their offerings, crafting DIY ice baths in a basement car park. Today, Vikasati stands as a thriving community wellness center, a testament to their foresight and the transformative potential of cold-water immersion, long before it gained popularity as the latest trend.

The Science Behind Thermal Therapy

Contrast therapies work by exposing the body with short stressors of cold and hot temperatures. Done regularly, this effectively promotes healing and recovery, reduces inflammation, and develops resilience and peak mental performance.

But don’t  just take our word for it, much of this ground-breaking research has been documented by experts such as Stanford Neuroscientist Andrew Huberman and Thermalist PhD Susanna Soberg.

Proven, documented benefits of ice baths and hot and cold contrast therapies, include an increased metabolic rate (calorie burn), accelerated recovery, improved muscle function, reduced muscle soreness and inflammation, enhanced circulation, heightened endurance, better sleep quality, enhanced mental focus, injury prevention, diminishing menopause symptoms  as well as  stress reduction. These advantages make ice baths an invaluable tool for athletes, and anyone looking to optimise their performance, recovery, and overall well-being.

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Ice Baths – So Hot Right Now!

While Vikasati has been dedicated to contrast therapies for a decade, the growing recognition of their benefits has sparked an increase in momentum of people embracing ice baths. Famous sports personalities and A-list celebrities alike are joining the ranks of devoted ice bath enthusiasts. From Lebron James to Kim Kardashian, and from Andrew Huberman to Lady Gaga, these individuals swear by the benefits of ice baths. Australia’s favorite sporting team, The Matildas, even rely on ice baths for injury treatment and post-game recovery, highlighting the broad appeal and effectiveness of this practice.

If you’re curious about how contrast therapies can enhance your wellness journey, you’ve come to the right place. At Vikasati, our community is dedicated to elevating both ourselves and each other through a holistic approach to well-being.

Both Ben and Will are available for comment and have recently appeared on Seven News and The Big Sports Breakfast.

If you’d like Ben or Will to share their expertise or if you’re ready to experience the benefits of ice baths and contrast therapies firsthand, book a session today.

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