Our bathhouse features a private infrared Found Space sauna and a spacious communal Finnish rock sauna, ready to supercharge your health to new heights.

Sauna as a therapeutic tool has been around (in various forms) for centuries in cultures all around the world for health and detoxification purposes. One of its very well-known and researched benefits is the power to reduce pain and inflammation and promote healing.

Increasing blood circulation through activities that require cardiovascular output, such as low-intensity exercise and/or sauna, helps to circulate oxygen-rich blood throughout the body, into the muscles and joints, and aids our body in reducing inflammation and pain and supports the body’s natural healing processes.

Sauna is a highly effective tool for promoting circulation when injured and unable to exercise, on a day when resting from more intense activity, or at the end of a training session to extend the cardiovascular stimulus and circulatory effect without additional stress on the mechanical system of the muscles and joints.