Water at Vikasati

Every decision throughout the fit-out of Vikasati was carefully and intentionally made, guided by our strong commitment to supporting our community’s journey of holistic wellness.

Something that was really important to us was ensuring that all water used within the Vikasati facility – from our cafe to our bathhouse – was free from harmful chemicals and contaminants, which would otherwise mitigate the highly therapeutic benefits to be experienced within our facility.

You can trust that our water bottle refill stations, all drinks prepared within our cafe, and our bathhouse showers are comprehensively filtered, free from chlorine, fluoride, heavy metals and other contaminants and bacteria.

Our hot and cold plunge pools and ice baths are also free from any chemicals or other toxic contaminants. We sourced far and wide for an innovative and natural solution to the standard chlorine laden options available; and invested in a highly unique, advanced freshwater sanitisation and filtration system, which negates the need for chlorine or other harmful chemicals, without compromising on hygiene.