Introducing the Vikasati List: Your Local Guide to Wellness

At Vikasati, we’re often asked about our favorite spots for everything from food and clothing to supplements and other wellness essentials. While there are many lists out there, the Vik List is unique because it focuses specifically on wellness and is tailored for the Vikasati community.

The Vik List is your go-to local guide for all things wellness, perfectly complementing Vikasati’s philosophy. We hope our curated lists will inspire you.

We’re always on the lookout for new recommendations. If your favorite spot isn’t featured on our list, please share it with us.


Vik List – Vol 1

Our 5 Favourite Local Whole Food Grocers

In our quest for optimal wellness, the journey often begins with what we put on our plates. At Vikasati, we believe in nourishing our bodies with the finest ingredients, and that means sourcing our food from the best local wholefood grocers. These gems offer fresh, whole-food produce that supports not only our health but also our local community.

In our first ever Vik List, we’re excited to share our top five favourite local wholefood grocers. These stores have become our go-to destinations for everything from vibrant fruits and vegetables to organic meats, sugar free products and creative supplements. While we have kept it local, we’re always happy to find new places.


1. TMP Organics Butcher and Wholefoods – Everton Park

Our first encounter to TMP was a butchering experience with owner Andy – (not enough credit goes to butchers fine skills as we absolutely butchered our meat..thanks Andy for saving the day and we still told our wives we did it unassisted) TMP plays host to grass fed, grass finished beef, pasture raised poultry and wild caught fish all based on a regenerative philosophy. TMP do a weekly Primal Mince 30% offal/70% beef which our community loves.


2. Flannerys – Paddington 

Who hasn’t been to Flannery’s at Paddington – huge selection from vitamins & supplements, through to organic baby food.   For fit lifestyles they have  plenty sugar free, plant based, gluten free and vegan options.


3. Meat at Billies – Ashgrove and Rosalie

With two stores down the road at Ashgrove and Rosalie, Billy’s is in-the-Hood and provides the most convenient “fast food,” for the whole family.  Our favourites are Lemon Garlic Free Range butterflied chicken , grass fed rump steaks, and lamb rump roasts.  Dinner is done!


4. Rufus King Seafood – Ashgrove

We can’t talk protein sources without mentioning Rufus Seafood. Next door to Billies at Ashgrove it makes for a convenient location to stock up on a variety of meals for the week. Rufus’ homebase is at Amity Point on Straddie and supplies locally caught, season seafood all year round.  Why complicate things.


5. Nodo – Everton Park, Newstead, West Village, Delivery

Nodo has become Brisbane’s gluten free mecca with a range of cafes and take away shops in the coolest parts of Brisbane – although they aren’t in Red Hill/Paddington – but they do deliver.  While the many varieties of Nodo donuts are probably their most tantalising offering, they have beautiful savoury breads available, and if you visit one of their cafes their salads are delicious too.

Nodo also do a range of GF flours and a pantry of goods that can be delivered straight to your door.


6. Neighbour.Love Salads – Milton

Neighbour.Love at Railway Terrace Milton has a great range of salads, breakfast and lunch fare as well as yummy cakes and treats. We love Neighbour because you can add in a protein source and owner Holly is a regular at Vikasati. 

Neighbour.Love also allows you to pre-order or organise catering.  You can shop online and pick up what you need as though you’ve done all the hard work yourself.