Our bathhouse protocols have been intentionally designed to maximise and enrich your Sanctuary experience, specifically tailored to your personal goal for your session. 

You are more than welcome to move through the Sanctuary in whatever flow feels good for you, but if you are looking for a more guided experience, these are our four protocols (explained in more detail when you attend the Sanctuary.

RECOVER – to accelerate recovery from training and other physical strain through high frequency contrast therapy between our hot and cold magnesium pools.

DETOX & HEAL – to support detoxification and healing throughout the body through pre-warming the body with a long soak in the hot magnesium pool, followed by a long-duration sauna, and ending on a refreshing cold plunge.

RELAX – for when you just want to relax and disconnect, kicking off with a gentle sauna, easing into the hot magnesium pool, and ending with a quick and refreshing cold plunge.

ENERGISE – to charge up for the day and support peak mental performance through low frequency contrast therapy, which will wake the mind and body up without acting as a stressor or strain on the body.

These protocols are simply a guide. Please always listen to your mind and body in every session.