Cooling off in an ice bath after a tough workout feels great, but is it the best timing for maximising recovery and improvement from your training? Here are our pros and cons of having an ice bath before vs after a workout.


BEFORE pros:

  • Increases testosterone levels;
  • Increases mental focus and energy.


  • Increases time required to warm up before the body is ready for high intensity activity.

AFTER pros:

  • Quickly lowers body temp, reducing time needed before being ready for future physical stimulus;
  • Feels great after a tough workout.

AFTER con:

  • Lowering potential hypertrophy, strength and fitness gains available from the training session by reducing naturally occurring acute inflammation which is ultimately required to maximally respond to the training stimulus.

If your goal is to get the most out of your training and your schedule permits, we recommend jumping in the ice before your workout or at least 6 hours after your session. If you’re needing to bounce back as quickly as possible, or if it’s the difference between incorporating cold exposure into your day or not, then definitely make the most out of a post workout ice bath.