Regular sauna effectively supports fat loss in three major ways.

Firstly and most simply, you can expect to burn up to 600 calories in a 30 minute session in the sauna as the body works hard to respond to the elevated temperature (it’s definitely not just “water weight” you’re losing!). This is particularly helpful as a way of increasing your caloric output without placing any additional mechanical stress on the body, compared to a strenuous workout.

Secondly, the body utilises fat cells as a place to store toxins accumulated within the body. When reducing body fat, it is extremely important to be maximising your natural detoxification pathways ie through breathing, sweating, hydrating and moving well, to ensure these toxins can be properly removed from the body.

Finally, especially when paired with cold exposure, heat through sauna is a really effective recovery tool, ensuring you can train more frequently and at a higher intensity.