The Søeberg Principle, developed by Dr Susanna Søeberg, prescribes finishing your bathhouse session with a cold exposure (cold magnesium pool or ice bath), forcing your body to reheat naturally.
Dr Søeberg’s research has shown that finishing on cold offers a range of benefits, including:
  • Increasing circulation, especially when followed with gentle movement;
  • Supporting fat loss by activating brown fat thermogenesis, which is triggered when the body begins to shiver;
  • Increasing focus and alertness, perfect for peak mental performance for the rest of the day; and
  • Offering a moment of mindful calm as you end your session

The Søeberg Principle is being widely recognised as a game-changer in the personal practices of many experts and leaders in the wellness space, including Andrew Huberman and Joe Rogan, who discuss the principle in the clip HERE.

Andrew Huberman recently interviewed Dr Søeberg at length on his podcast, which can be found HERE.

Next time you join us at The Sanctuary, try finishing with an ice bath or in the cold magnesium pool, and experience the principle for yourself!