The Brew Bar is now offering Nourish Meals by Wilde Kitchen.

We are now offering a range of nourishing pre-made breakfast bowls, main meals and healthy snacks at the Brew Bar.

Our mission is to support you on all aspects of your wellness journey, helping you to move, restore and nourish your body, relax and recharge your mind, and connect with an amazing, supportive and likeminded community.

In line with this commitment, we are really excited to be able to support you with a super convenient and healthy food option that will be great for at work or at home, or simply as a post workout / bathhouse session refuel.

We have chosen Wilde Kitchen Nourish Meals because they are prepared with natural, unprocessed and locally sourced ingredients, are gluten free, and prepared fresh.

Please let us know in advance if you would like to secure some meals with a pre-order (stock may be limited at times, based on the fresh-to-order nature), otherwise see you at the Brew Bar soon!