7 Day Winter Sauna Challenge

Join us for our 7 Day Winter Sauna Challenge, running Monday 10th – Sunday 16th July.

Complete 7 saunas in the week to experience accelerated physical and mental change. 

For $99 you’ll have 7 days access to The Sanctuary’s traditional sauna, ice baths, and hot and cold magnesium pools.

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Reduce pain and inflammation

Increasing blood circulation through activities which require cardiovascular output, such as sauna, helps to circulate oxygen rich blood throughout the body, into the muscles and joints, and aids our body in reducing inflammation and pain and supports the body’s natural healing processes.

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support Detoxification

Remove harmful toxins which accumulate in the body as a consequence of dietary choices, environmental exposures and endogenous toxins (i.e. toxins created within the body from stress), through sweating, as the body works to keep its temperature down, in trying to maintain homeostasis.

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Improve Sleep Quality

Sauna activates your parasympathetic nervous system, which allows your body to calm down, relax and de-stress.

Pair your sauna with a relaxing soak in our hot magnesium pool and warm Ayurvedic tea, for an even more relaxing experience.

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fat loss

Increase your caloric output without additional mechanical stress on the body, support the removal on harmful toxins stored in fat cells, and improve recovery from training so that you can train more intensely and more often.

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More than just a bathhouse.

We want you to ‘be the change’, to move your body, restore your mind and find a sense of belonging. Our aim is to build a community of healthy, thriving individuals, allowing you to function optimally in all aspects of life. In turn, this will empower you to be and do your best when it comes to those important matters of family, work and health.


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